• Tourism

    With plenty of space and an upper deck that is perfect for taking in the beauty of our nation's many wonders, the Sky Jeepney is an ideal vehicle for touring lines and services.

  • Business

    With plenty of space for countless interior and exterior modifications and innovations limited only by the imagination, the Sky Jeepney is the perfect platform for a mobile business in the 21st Century.

  • Entertainment

    Limitless interior options make the Sky Jeepney not just a means of getting to a destination - It can become a destination all in itself, with room for the latest audiovisual equipment and the space to fit dozens of your closest friends.

  • Transport

    Built to traverse Philippine roads and infrastructure, the Sky Jeepney can service more passengers within a smaller vehicle footprint, making for a solution that not only eases congestion on our roads, but is also economically and ecologically sound.

  • Inspiration

    Taking cues from double deck buses around the world, the Sky Jeepney is designed to bring the same inherent benefits of efficiency and versatility to Philippine roads.

  • Innovation

    The Sky Jeepney is not a copy of existing double deck designs, but is especially conceptualized to maintain the iconic exterior of the jeepney while sporting an interior built with Philippine-made materials.

  • Quality

    Countless hours of computer-aided design, modeling, and practical testing have gone into the mechanical workings and interior and exterior finish of the Sky Jeepney to ensure the creation of a refined vehicle that Filipinos everywhere can be proud of.

  • Reliability

    Built especially to navigate the infrastructure and road conditions of the Philippines, the Sky Jeepney is a robust and durable vehicle, backed up by almost three decades' transport design experience of parent companies DDI and MVCB.

  • The Willys Jeep

    All modern jeepneys can trace their origin to the venerable utility vehicle of all US armed forces in World War II, the Bantam/Willys Jeep. Thousands of these vehicles were sold as surplus or simply left behind after the end of the war.

  • Passenger Jeepney

    Filipinos immediately modified the original jeeps to carry far more cargo and passengers than their original designers could ever fathom. And thus, a legend was born.

  • Public Buses

    As the nation developed and transport was needed to ferry people to and from their places of work and other far-flung destination, public buses came to be the dominant mode of transport across major roads, while jeepneys plied shorter, more specific routes in cities and towns.

  • Sky Jeepney

    Now, the Sky Jeepney has arrived, maintaining the iconic aesthetic of the classic Filipino jeepney while updating its capacity, capability, and potential to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.